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Tour A:
Guided Tour of the University
- 4th September (17:30 - 19:30)

The University of Heidelberg has been founded in 1386 and re-founded in 1805 – the participants of this tour are going to visit the most famous locations of the history of the Ruperto Carola: The Aula Magna, the Old University Library, the Church of the Holy Spirit, the College of the Jesuits, and the world-famous “Studenten Karzer”.
How did the – then very small university - survive the Middle Ages, why is no typical campus to be found, what is the role of the Jesuits in development of the Heidelberg University, and what might that be - the “Spirit of Heidelberg”?

Meeting point: Church of St. Peter (Peterkirche)

Tour B:
An Evening Walk in the University Town
- 4th September (20:30 - 22:30)

Heidelberg’s University Institutes and Seminar-Buildings are distributed all over the “Altstadt” and are an integrated part of the Middle Age-Town. We cross the Old Bridge, walk along some squares and “Gassen” in search of the special atmosphere of the historical University and student’s life. We visit the “Marstallhof”, the Jesuit College (today the Universities Central Administration) and the world-famous “Studenten Karzer”.
How could a university develop at such a small and economical rather unimportant place? Why has Heidelberg always been a synonym for the academic freedom?

Meeting point: Tower of the Old Bridge

Tour C:
An Evening Walk to the Castle
- 5th September (18:30 - 19:00)

We walk a footpath which speaks about private visitors, who take their time to get to the castle and its park. Tourists normally do not walk there, but bakers did and all the other traders and dealers who had some business with the soldiers, servants and maids, who also lived in the “Burg” (castle). We arrive at the “Scheffel Terrasse” and may briefly say “good evening” to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Meeting point: Herkules-Fountain, market-square

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