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The objective of the conference is to report and explore technical achievements in the field of multisensor fusion and integration. It will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussions of future directions. Papers with new research results on all aspects of multisensor fusion for intelligent systems are encouraged for submission. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Methodology
  1. Decision Support
  2. Object Detection and Recognition
  3. Target Tracking
  4. Intelligent Agents
  5. Knowledge Engineering and Databases
  6. Situation Management
  • General Theory
  1. Nonlinear Estimation and Filtering
  2. Sensor-Actuator-Networks
  3. Distributed Methods
  4. Robust Fusion
  5. Uncertainty Modelling
  6. Density Estimation
  7. Causality Analysis and Model Identification
  8. Bio-Based/Biomimetic Systems
  9. Emerging Approaches
  • Sensing Architectures and Real-World Issues
  1. Sensing Architectures
  2. Sensor Management
  3. Multilevel Fusion
  4. Special Purpose Hardware
  5. Multisensor and Distributed System Design
  6. Computational Resources Optimization
  7. Real-Time Implementations
  8. Comparisons of Fusion Approaches
  9. Sensor Network Protocols and Middleware
  10. 3D Scanning and Registration
  11. Micro Sensors and Integrated Sensors
  • Applications
  1. Robotics
  2. Telepresence and Virtual Reality Applications
  3. Defence Applications
  4. Sensor-Actuator-Network Applications
  5. Control Applications
  6. Economics Applications
  7. Medical Applications
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